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“We should Benefit from the experiences of other countries in relation to the actuary calculations”
Dr. Nourbakhsh, the CEO:

“We should Benefit from the experiences of other countries in relation to the actuary calculations”

Dr. Seyed taghi Nourbakhsh, Managing Director and the CEO of the Social Security Organization (SSO) stated that, the cooperation with the international organizations such as “ILO” in the domain of social security and work is so beneficial and getting benefit from the experiences of the countries in the fields of financial and actuary will help the SSO to promote its liabilities and capacities.

Dr. Nourbakhsh who had a special meeting with Mr. Charles Crevier, senior program officer of the ILO training center in Turin, Italy, also stated that, the financial sustainability is considered as an important factor for every insurance Fund or organization in order to maintain its stability and continuity.

He added, the required methods and tools for the financial sustainability should be provided by the senior directors and policy makers of the SSO, in away to keep the SSO away from the possible risks, economic crisis, demographic changing, emerging diseases, and also recession.

Dr. Nourbakhsh asserted that, the aim of the “ILO” and the “SSO” is to reinforce the ability of the member organizations for the compilation of the sustainable social security schemes and management of the effective implementation of these schemes in order to provide better benefits as well as expectation of the insurance coverage to all people.

He emphasized that, these organizations could provide the consultancy assistance (services) related to the international labor standards and comparative studies and researches through their technical – professional units to the directors, experts and authorities of the social security organizations in order to assist them for better administration.

The CEO stated that, these services include, the assessment of actuary for pension benefits, medical services, short-term benefits like, unemployment, and comprehensive analysis of accountancy, financial and economic issues.

Dr. Nourbakhsh asserted that, inviting the senior program officer of the “ILO” is in direction of identifying the accurate and appropriate requirements as well as the real needs of the SSO in the field of actuary calculation and added, the directors and experts of this organization will make the necessary coordinations for using the scientific and academic capacities of the “ILO” training center and also benefiting from its experiences.

In this meeting, Mr. Charles Crevier, the senior program officer of the “ILO” international training center in Turin, Italy also introduced the different educational courses of this center and stated that, in the next course week “Actuarial Modeling”, people are participating from 35 counties including Iran,

He indicated that, it is possible to hold the training courses in Iran and other countries on the basis of their requirements which are more technical and comprehensive.

Mr. Crevier, while stating that, the ILO international training center is working hard for the expansion of actuary knowledge, added, my main mission in this trip, is to identify the real needs of the SSO and we hope that, we could provide the courses according to these Needs.

He also emphasized that, for the successful course and fulfillment of the objectives, we assess all the rules and regulations of the SSO in Iran and after evaluation of the present situation, the different scenarios in relation with the proposed amendments will be provided to the authorities.

It is good to mention that, in this meeting, the directors of various department of the SSO including Technical and Income dept, Financial and Administration dept, Economic and Programming dept brought their specific vision and discussed the important issues.

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