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Technical Seminar:ICT Missions of the ISSO Are Based on the ISSA Guidelines

Technical Seminar:ICT Missions of the ISSO Are Based on the ISSA Guidelines

Mr. Seyed Abolhasan Pourhoseini, Director General of the ISSO ICT Department, while giving speech in the panel discussion on Information and Communication Technology in the ISSA Technical Seminar hosted by the ISSO in Tehran, described 7 major missions of the ISSO ICT Department and asserted that, the missions are defined in conformity with the ISSA guidelines on ICT.

He declared:  The administrative approach of the ICT missions consists of 4 phases: 1- Strengthening the necessary infrastructure for IT development both fields of the insurance benefits and health services, 2- Defining protective mechanisms  to enhance IT system. 3- Designing and creating an electronic communicative network, 4- Focusing on the ICT hardware infrastructure.

Director General of the ISSO ICT Department continued: According to the aforementioned executive phases, we have established a data center linked to the whole data bases of the ISSO, providing the possibility for the ISSO top managers to monitor the data and make decision with regard to the ongoing realities. In addition, all of the ISSA insurance branches throughout the country can be connected to each other for data transformation.

He also emphasized the ISSO determination on developing the ICT hardware systems through recognizing the latest related innovations and technologies  with the aim of facilitating the updated hardware management.


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