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Technical Seminar:The ISSA Secretary General visited  The Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare of I.R. Iran

Technical Seminar:The ISSA Secretary General visited The Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare of I.R. Iran

Dr. Rabeie, the Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare of I.R. Iran, in a meeting with Mr. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, the ISSA Secretary General,   in the presence of Dr. Mohammad Taghi Hosseini, the Vice-Minister  in International Affairs and Dr. Seyed Taghi Nourbakhsh, Managing Director of the Iranian Social Security Organization, suggested to establish a regional research and study center with collaboration of the ISSA.

He announced the preparedness of the Ministry and the ISSO to establish the joint research center with emphasis on better implementation of the ISSA regional research projects.

The Minister also stated that, Iranian social security and welfare administrators, policy-makers and managers are among the top elites educated from high-rank universities who have helped to find efficient solutions to the fiscal crisis of the Civil Servants Pension Fund. In this regard, Iranian Pension Funds have a great economic potential capacity and I hope to enhance their capabilities with collaboration of the ISSA.

Reminding the war crimes, terrorism and inequality imposed upon the Middle-East countries, Dr. Rabeie remarked that, we should make serious efforts to achieve social security, social welfare and social justice in these countries which will not be performed easily.

Mr. Konkolewsky announced his pleasure at having the opportunity to visit   Dr. Rabeie and appreciated his speech in the opening ceremony of the Technical Seminar which showed the minister’s holistic point of view.

He continued: Social security should be considered as cost-consuming approach.   In fact, it is an important investment in socio-economic aspects of sustainable development. A large part of Iranian population belongs to the young generation  which is a unique opportunity for the country. Because, this fact moves you forward ahead with an increased life-expectancy for Iranian population.

Mr. Konkolewsky stated: The objective of my trip to Iran, is to announce the ISSA  willingness to have collaboration with the ISSO to make progress in a variety of activities related to social security and welfare.

He also appreciated Dr. Rabeie for his great thoughts and opinions and declared the socio-cultural variety of region is really considerable and we all seek social security excellence in all aspects.

The ISSA Secretary General continued: Studying the administrative procedures of different social security systems throughout the world including registration, contribution collection,  service delivery and providing benefits, I came to the point that general trends are almost the same in small and large countries. I believe that the governments should be obliged to implement social protection floor and universal health insurance.

Fortunately, today, there is global consensus and political commitment to extend  protective services from the most vulnerable groups to the upper economic levels of the society. ISSA is honored to welcome this trend and I strongly believe global sustainable peace precedes social justice and welfare.

In the end of this amicable meeting, Dr. Rabeie, dedicated a painting done by a handicapped trainee to the ISSA Secretary General and remarked that, Handicapped and disabled children and adults are trained and educated by  the Iranian Technical and Vocational Training Organization, an affiliated organization of the Ministry, in different branches of artistic skills and occupational talents such as painting, calligraphy, etc…. to glorify their talents and become an independent member of the society.  

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