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World Social Security Forum

World Social Security Forum

The World Social Security Forum opened on 14 November 2016 in Panama  City, Panama. The 5-day Forum, organized by the ISSA and hosted by the Social Insurance Fund of Panama, is the milestone of the ISSA events including the 113th meeting of the ISSA Bureau, the 32nd ISSA General Assembly, the 36th  ISSA Council, as well as the 114th meeting of the ISSA Bureau.

The World Social Security Forum provides an exclusive opportunity for around 1000 participants consisting of the Ministers, Managing Directors, CEOs, and high rank professional experts of social security from all ISSA member organizations all around the world.

The Forum program analyses and debates key issues and challenges facing social security in a changing world and includes sessions on Leadership for innovation; Human resources: developing the culture of innovation; Leading or following: technical innovation and ICT; Evolving expectations: innovations in user-centered service delivery; Innovative approaches to tackle error, evasion and fraud.

Moreover, introducing the ISSA Center for Excellence; the new ISSA Guidelines; Celebrating achievements and looking into the future; Closing the coverage gap; New perspectives on sustainability and adequacy of pensions; Preparing for tomorrow: investment in families, children and young adults; Fostering activity and employment, as well as Shaping the future of social security are also among the important issues to be discussed in the plenary sessions.

Dr. Seyed Taghi Nourbakhsh, the ISSO Managing Director, Dr. Reza Raei, Chief Deputy of the ISSO Managing Director, and Mr. Reza Kashef, Director General of the International Affairs Department are participating in the  World Social Security Forum with the aim of improving the status of the ISSO in global arena, enhancing interactions with the International entities and ISSA member organizations, as well as exchanging technical knowledge and practical experience of the ISSO with the social security specialists from other countries.  


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