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Technical Seminar:Iranian Social Security Organization Implements the ISSA Guidelines
Technical Seminar:Iranian Social Security Organization Implements the ISSA Guidelines

Mr. Rahim Ardalan, Deputy Managing Director of the ISSO in Administrative and Financial Affairs, explaining the main activities of the ISSO in 4 fields of insurance, health, economy, and banking, in the panel discussion on Organizational Structures and Human Resources in the ISSA Technical Seminar hosted by the ISSO in Tehran, announced: The Iranian Social Security Organization is going to implement the ISSA Guidelines.

He explained that the ISSO provides insurance benefits and health services to more than 42 million insured persons through 530 insurance branches, 72 hospitals, and 285 health centers. The ISSO has 67000 personnel (29432 women and 37935 men)        of which 19385 employees are working in the insurance section (29 percent of the human forces), 46812 employees in the health section (69 percent of the human forces) and 1170 employees (2 percent of total personnel) at the ISSO headquarter. About 1500 professional titles are classified under the ISSO organizational job categories. There are about 7600 specialist physicians, dentists, and pharmacists. As a whole, 4000 employees hold PhD and Master's degree, 27000 hold Bachelor’s degree, and 28000 hold Associates and high school Diploma degrees.

Announcing the ISSO determination to implement the ISSA guidelines, Deputy Managing Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs of the ISSO emphasized the remarkable consideration of the ISSA guideline on Good Governance to the theme of “human resources” within guidelines 76 to 82 and described the following topics:

  1. Recruitment, selection and promotion policies, 
  2. Performance appraisals of personnel,
  3. Development and training,
  4. Talent management and retention,
  5. Succession planning,
  6. Personnel morale, compensation policy and decent work,
  7. Promoting corporate values.

With regards to the human capital as the most important strategic privilege for the ISSO in the process of compiling operational plans, Mr. Ardalan asserted that, the ISSO follows 2 major strategies: 1- Implementing new organizational approach to human capital with respect to appreciating and preserving human dignity of the staff as well as improving their living quality,  2- Planning and implementing knowledge management system as the basic principle of decision making system on the basis of insurance and social security theories.

According to the aforementioned strategies, the organization has planned 14 operational programs including: Redesigning and implementing the recruitment system; Revising and reforming service compensation system; Redesigning welfare system for the personnel; Planning and implementing the competency model; Establishing competency appraisal methods in different levels; Implementing training system based on strategic learning; Redesigning and implementing the employees operational management system; Planning and  implementing personnel succession system; Designing and implementing talent managing process; as well as Establishing  personnel morale and decent behavior systems.

Meanwhile, preparing the document of human resource direction; occupational analysis and job classification; planning the staff occupational promotion system; designing and implementing the employees empowerment system; and integrating  human resource profiles  are among the ISSO operational plans going to be implemented within 2 years till the end of the year ahead, he concluded. 


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