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Technical Seminar:An Introduction to Socio- Cultural Deputy Department
Technical Seminar:An Introduction to Socio- Cultural Deputy Department

Dr. Mansour  Etesami, Deputy of the ISSO Managing Director   in   Socio-Cultural Affairs,  participating in a meeting between the ISSA Secretary General and the ISSO Deputies’ Council members,  welcomed Mr. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, and briefly explained the major activities of the Socio-Cultural Deputy  Department of the Iranian Social Security Organization.  

He stated: After a five-year gap between the previous and present management period of the ISSO, the Socio- Cultural Deputy Department has made serious efforts to implement its notable plans and empower the human resources. Targeting the stakeholders and personnel of the ISSO, some of the objectives of the empowerment project are as follows:

  1. Establishing the Strategic Council of Social Partners including the representatives of organizations, workers, employers, and retired population,  to increase their awareness on the ISSO activities and receive consultation from them in the strategic affairs of the Organization.
  2. Increasing awareness of the university professors and students on insurance and social security in view of resistive economy system which in turn, improves the potential of the labor-force entering the labor market.
  3. Presenting a pattern of including the themes of insurance and social security in educational textbooks in collaboration with the Research and Compilation of Textbooks Organization of Ministry of Education, benefiting from the experience of developed countries such as Sweden, France, Great Britain, South Africa, and Germany.
  4. Enhancing mutual interaction with employers in holding the training workshops and meetings in order to increase their awareness on concepts and laws of insurance and social security .The process had a remarkable impact on empowering the employers. 

5- Performing many cultural programs for the retired persons to improve the  quality of their life style and improve their health status including:

  • Arranging domestic pilgrimage trips for the pensioners, paying all travel costs by the ISSO, which resulted in their  improved  health status and increased life expectancy.
  • Planning and implementing a new program under the title of  “Nasime Salamat”, arranging Sports-for-all and Sports Olympiad for the retired population.

6- Recognizing and appreciating the best entrepreneurs among employers from different provinces in national level, considering their annual performance with regard to criteria of retaining labor-force and moving towards improved production during the period of being sentenced to the imposed cruel sanctions and the limitations upon I.R. of Iran.

7-Establishing wide-spread relationship with state cultural institutions in order to introduce the social security functions, activities and performance.

8-Comparing the social protection issues such as Social Protection Floor scheme introduced by the ISSA and ILO to the value-judgment, moral issues and local culture of Iran in order to present the report to the target society and stakeholders.  

9-  Establishing  wide-spread training relationship with legal labor organizations and protecting their activities on improving the labor-force awareness on issues such as:

  • Introduction to insurance laws and directives, occupational accidents and preventive plans to prevent labor force from being damaged due to the accidents and injuries caused by hard and hazardous work.

10-   Producing scientific pamphlets and articles covering a range of subjects including honesty, accountability, transparency, and plan-orientation, in line with achieving the ISSA objectives on developing good governance for enhancing the capabilities as well as improving the awareness of the ISSO staff and stakeholders.




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