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Technical Seminar:ISSA Secretary General visited the First Vice-President of I.R. Iran
Technical Seminar:ISSA Secretary General visited the First Vice-President of I.R. Iran

Dr. Jahangiri, First Vice-President of I.R. Iran, in a meeting with Mr. Konkolewsky, ISSA Secretary General, stated that: The Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) plays an effective role in providing high quality services to half of the Iranian population who are under insurance coverage of this organization.

Recognizing the ISSO as a powerful insurer organization, he continued: Currently, the Iranian Social Security Organization is in serious need of international interaction and I hope the presence of your Excellency in Iran will contribute to the optimum use of international experiences and opportunities by the ISSO.

Emphasizing the necessity of reforms to be implemented by Iranian Pension Funds in order to solve their problems, he declared that, the government initiated some reforms and we hope to benefit from international experience through mutual  communication between the ISSO Managing Director and the ISSA Secretary General.

The First Vice-President of I.R. Iran pointed to the Technical Seminar on Administrative and Operational Efficiency which was held in Tehran and hoped the shared information and discussed topical themes in this seminar lead to fruitful achievements for all ISSA member organizations as well as the ISSO.

Appreciating the performance of the ISSO, Mr. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky,  the ISSA Secretary General, said: “I believe that the ISSO has implemented  efficient  activities in different fields, and ISSA members are interested in being more familiar with the experiences of this organization”.  He continued: The participants in technical seminar also underlined the importance of ISSO services and activities in affecting the social development. They are enthused with the investment activities of the ISSO in different fields and the return resulted from the invested portfolio as well.

The ISSO has done so much in the process of socio-economic development of I.R. Iran and I will surely present a report on the outstanding activities and outcomes of the ISSO to the ISSA Secretariat and the General Assembly which is going to be held in Panama on November 2016.

Regarding different models of social insurance systems, he added, the performance of social security institutions around the world is based on contributory or tax-based systems and both of them have pros and cons. But the method used by the ISSO is a unique one which can be introduced as a successful model.

He stipulated: “The International Social Security Association (ISSA) is strongly  committed to help and support the ISSO and also prepared to share its technical knowledge for accurate decision making as well as implementing reforms in Pension Funds”.



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