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Technical Seminar: ISSA Secretary General as the ISSO Titular Insurance Member
Technical Seminar: ISSA Secretary General as the ISSO Titular Insurance Member

Mr. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, the ISSA Secretary General, was awarded an ISSO Insurance Smart Card as well as a Medical Booklet and became an ISSO Titular Insurance Member, in the closing ceremony of the two-day Technical Seminar       on Administrative and Operational Efficiency which was held in Tehran, I.R. Iran, from 30 to 31 August 2016.

The ISSA Secretary General conveyed his sincere gratitude to Dr. Seyed Taghi Nourbakhsh, the Managing Director of the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) for his personal commitment to the ISSA and also his leadership in the hosting of the event.


He stated: In fact, I have for a long time been looking forward to visiting Iran, and it is indeed a privilege and a great pleasure to be here today in beautiful Tehran with colleagues and friends from Iran, and the participants in the seminar from South Asia and the wider Asia-Pacific region.


As regards the country report presentation made by the ISSO in the first day of the seminar, Mr. Konkolewsky remarked that, the approach of the Iranian Social Security Organization in providing the social security not by merely providing the services, but utilization of the surplus funds in the economic and investment activities by the Social Security Investment Company as a major actor in the international capital markets and the Iran economy in a mutually beneficial manner is praiseworthy.  Dual benefits of better return on investment and creating corpus for providing social security on the one hand, while its investment in the infrastructure and service delivery sector have made the ISSO a major business conglomerate in I.R. of Iran.  The unique model adopted by Iran is worth study.

He admired the ISSO commitment to the ISSA guidelines, specifically in human resources matters, and called his experience of visiting Milad hospital and Social Security Research Institute, quite satisfying.

The ISSA Secretary General concluded: I’m very happy to become an insured member of the ISSO, and I consider all constructive meeting during my visit to Iran as a milestone in our mutual friendship and a new beginning of close collaboration between the ISSA and the ISSO.

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