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Vice-Chairperson of the ISSA 32nd General Assembly
Dr. Seyed Taghi Nourbakhsh,
Vice-Chairperson of the ISSA 32nd General Assembly

In the presence of Dr. Seyed Taghi Nourbakhsh, Managing Director of the Iranian Social Security Association (ISSO), as the Vice-Chairperson of the ISSA 32nd General Assembly & representative of the ISSA Asian member organizations, accompanied by Dr. Reza Raei, Chief Deputy Managing Director and Mr. Reza Kashef, Director General of the International Affairs Department, the ISSA 32nd General Assembly took place on 15 November 2016 in Panama City, Panama.

The Assembly consisted of the ISSA President, Mr. Errol Frank Stoove, as the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairpersons and the ISSA Bureau members.

According to the agenda of the Assembly, a comprehensive report of the ISSA activities during 2014-2016 was presented by Mr. Konkolewsky, the ISSA Secretary General, describing the major activities of the International Social Security Association including the Performance of the ISSA Center for Excellence,  Social security programme implementation by strategic objectives, Compiling the ISSA country profiles, Introducing the ISSA new publications, and Organizing the ISSA regional conferences and meetings in different countries.

Furthermore, the proposed amendment of the ISSA constitution was also discussed and consequently, Article 40 on “Election, Term of Office, and Appointment” was amended and the term of office of the ISSA Secretary General increased to 6 years with no limit to the number of renewed terms of office. The proposal was unanimously approved by the ISSA Bureau members.

It should be noted that the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) benefits from 10 votes due to the number of its covered population as well as the variety of the insurance benefits provided to the insured people.

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