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Goals of the ISSA President for Triennium 2017-2019
Goals of the ISSA President for Triennium 2017-2019

At the start of the ISSA management triennium (2017-2019), Dr. Joachim Breuer, ISSA President, communicating with Dr. Seyed Taghi Nourbakhsh, Managing Director of the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO), remarked that:

On 18 November 2016, the members of the Council of the International Social Security Association elected me as the association's new President.I am particularly honored by this testimony to their confidence in me. I am also very much looking forward to the task because - together with you - there is much that I wish to achieve.

Today, we need a strong ISSA that supports its members in coping with the challenges of the times in which we live. These include demographic change, flight and migration, digitalization of the world of work, and last but not least, the poverty that still prevents parts of humanity from living in dignity.

I have set myself the following goals for my presidency:

· To expand the Centre for Excellence: In my talks with you in Panama, many of you expressed the need to find ways of transferring expertise that are more effective on the ground. I would like to join with you in addressing this and promoting dialogue between experts in social security.

·  To expand the ISSA family: Some countries are still not members of the ISSA. We should not simply let this stand. My aim is therefore for us to find mentors who can prepare the way for new members. Who better to make the case for ISSA membership than existing ISSA members?

· To strike a balance: The ISSA must give its members the support they need - but whilst recognizing that its resources are limited. One of my aims is therefore to find the equilibrium between resources and requirements. For this purpose, I would like to step up the dialogue with you, in order to set out clear priorities.

· To ensure that the ISSA's voice is heard: Social security is one of the few topics that affect and concern all people around the world to an equal degree. If we, the social security institutions, do not possess first-hand experience of problems relating to poverty, unemployment and disease, and of opportunities such as education, prevention and rehabilitation, then who does? If we are not able to convince governments to regard social security as an instrument for creating better living and working conditions, then who is?

The ISSA President concluded: We can achieve much more together than each of us is able to do alone. As the social security association, we have phenomenal potential. We need only find the courage to use it. Let's make a start, together.

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