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License Issuance for Overseas Official Social Security Agent
License Issuance for Overseas Official Social Security Agent

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Iranian Social Security Organization

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Migrants Social Security Department




License Issuance for Overseas Official Social Security Agent


The Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) is determined to apply the overseas official agent to fulfill insurance affairs of the Iranians residing abroad,     in countries including Russia, France, Norway, Netherland, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, South Ireland, Ukraine, Austria, Japan, Oman, India, Turkey, and Australia,  in accordance with the laws and regulations through setting an exam or an interview. In this regard, all eligibly qualified legal and real persons are invited to complete the application form and submit the required documents to Migrants Social Security Department on the address: 4rh floor, ISSO building No. 8, plaque No. 69, West Nosrat St., Tohid Sq., Tehran, Iran, postal code: 1457876433 or email address:


1-          General requirements:

1-1-        Iranian Nationality.

1-2-        Believing in Islam or one of the official religions of the I.R. Iran.

1-3-        At least 27 and at most 60 years of age.

1-4-        Having completed military service period or holding permanent military service exemption card for men.

1-5-        Being physically and mentally at the suitable level, not holding ethical and financial distrust records.

1-6-        Holding at least bachelor’s degree.

1-7-        Holding a clear penal record.

1-8-        Not being addicted to any kind of narcotics.

1-9-              Not holding administrative, occupational and financial mal-reputation.

1-10-         Affordability to provide appropriate facilities to Iranians residing                  abroad.

Note 1: Examining and approving the above-mentioned qualifications are authorized to Migrants Social Security Department, Official Agencies Affairs Department, and Central Security Office of the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO).

Note 2:  Esteemed families of the martyrs, veterans, and disabled veterans holding the similar qualifications are in priority compared to other claimants.

Note 3:  Continuous absence at the official agency office, exceeding to 3 months, leads to termination of the contract and issued license.


2-   Specific requirements:

2-1-        Those, whose retirement and/or interruption in occupational relationship is due to the vote of Board of Administrative Violations resulted in  dismissal, are NOT eligible as the applicant for the overseas official social security agent.

2-2-        In the case of qualifying equal and similar conditions, those applicants of overseas social security activities who are the ISSO retired or consular/labor attaché will be given the priority.


3- Required documents:

3-1-  Completing the application form for the Overseas Official Social Security Agent attached with a photo of the claimant.

3-2-   One photo (size: 3*4 cm, recently taken).

3-3-   A copy of birth certification, national identification card, and passport.

3-4-   A copy of digitally issued military service or permanent exemption card.

3-5-   Copy of the last educational certification.



4- Deadline for submission of the documents:

Applicants shall submit the required documents to the Migrants Social Security   Department from 1 to 21 November 2017 to the above mentioned postal address or the e-mail address:

It should be noted that incomplete documents or submitted after the deadline are not given effect.



Useful information is executively broadcasted only through the website of the ISSO ( or Migrants Social Security Department ( It is highly recommended not to refer to the ISSO Headquarter or the other branches. 


Download Application Form


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