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on the Occasion of the 39th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution Victory
Message of Managing Director
on the Occasion of the 39th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution Victory

Dr. Seyed Taghi Nourbakhsh congratulated the 39th anniversary of Islamic Revolution victory to the Supreme Leader, Iranians and all freedom lovers and justice seekers of the world. The message is as follow:

“On the verge of ceremonies of the 39th  anniversary of Islamic revolution victory, with respect to memories of Imam Khomeini – the Great Funder of Islamic Revolution, as well as the martyrs, veterans and warriors of Islamic Revolution and imposed war who sacrificed their life to protect our revolution and territory,                  and also with respect to Iranian noble nation specially ISSO covered population,        I take this opportunity to congratulate the anniversary of Islamic Revolutions Victory to the supreme leader and our noble nation and all freedom lovers and justice seekers of the world.

Certainly, the desire for social justice establishment has been one of the main causes and reasons of Iranian society, especially those who have been suffering from inequalities and dictatorship, to conduct the victory of Islamic Revolution.

Providing the livelihood and ensuring the availability of social services to all the individuals in the case of becoming disabled, sick, invalid, and retired,                                      are of the basic principles of the Iranian Islamic Republic Government.

According to article 29 of ratified Islamic Republic Constitution as the policy and covenant of our Islamic system, the right to social security has been considered seriously, based on the spirit of Islamic principles.

The Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO), holding an honorable historical background which dates back to 8 decades ago, as the most efficient and sustainable social entity of the country has always played the role of a social buffer against potential damages of socio-economic ups and downs of post-Islamic revolutions days that might have affected the livelihood of workers - main players of the economic system.

According to the mission statement and the strategic plan of the ISSO, the Iranian Social Security Organization as a non-governmental public and inter-generational organization with a socio-economic nature is the major and most inclusive provider of social protection based on social insurance principles. The ISSO is administratively and financially independent and relies on tripartite principle of partnership among the representatives of the employee, employer, and Government.

On the basis of the Islamic and Iranian pattern, the ISSO plays a vital role in supporting the labor force within the process of sustainable development of the country, in addition to deepening social and financial security through implementing, extending and expanding various social and health insurances                       in conformity with actuarial framework.

Finally, I hope the actors of the ISSO, well- supported by the Government and Islamic Consultative Assembly, will continuously provide valuable services to the labor force and strongly move toward achieving the ultimate goals of our Islamic revolution.”           


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