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Iranian Social Security Organization Awarded 15 Attestations for Good Practices by the ISSA
Iranian Social Security Organization Awarded 15 Attestations for Good Practices by the ISSA


The Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) was awarded 15 Attestations for Good Practices in the second phase of announcing the results of the competition for the ISSA Good Practice Award, at the second day of ISSA Regional Social Security Forum 2018 in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia.

According to the report published by the International Affairs Department of the ISSO, the International Jury and ISSA Center for Excellence, out of 19 ISSO entries submitted to the competition for the ISSA Good Practice Award in Asia & the pacific 2018, in addition to the awarded 4 schemes with Certificates of Merit, recognized 15 schemes to be awarded with Attestations for Good Practices                            as follows:

1 - Outsourcing insurance services;

2 - Communication and interaction with social partners: Retraining on social

Security and labor laws and regulations, and appreciation of employers and entrepreneurs;

3- Communication measures with social partners: A comprehensive communication system;

4 - Consolidating and summarizing circulars;

5 - Elimination of insurance overlaps;

6 - Family Protection Plan;

7 - Insurance coverage extension to female-headed households;

8 - ISIC: Standardizing the ISSO economic activities data;

9 - Karaamat-e-Razavi: A pilgrimage journey for the ISSO pensioners;

10- Nasim-e-Salamt program: the recreative sports program for the ISSO old-age pensioners;

11 - Old-age pension coverage extension: Reduced pension benefit according to minimum years of contribution;

12 - Pre-recruitment medical examinations;

13 - Promoting health knowledge among pensioners: Training workshops on common disease in ageing;

14 - Social dialogue and public awareness: Communicating with students, pupils and local groups;

15 - Social security coverage extension to migrants.


It is important to mention that the ISSA defines a good practice as any type of experience (e.g. an action, a measure, a process, a program, a project, or a technology) implemented within a social security organization that implements innovative solutions, fosters the improvement of its administrative and operational capacities, and/or the efficient and effective delivery of programs. The schemes shall be in compliance with ISSA 12 different Guidelines, too.

The good practices received in each competition are available to other member organizations through the ISSA Good Practice database:




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