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Technical Seminar:The ISSA Secretary General visited  Chairman of the Expediency Discernment Council of I.R. Iran

Technical Seminar:The ISSA Secretary General visited Chairman of the Expediency Discernment Council of I.R. Iran

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, the Chairmen of the Expediency Discernment Council of I.R. Iran, in a meeting with Mr. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, the ISSA Secretary General, asserted: If social security was taken seriously, we wouldn’t witness poverty around the world.

He emphasized the importance of each responsibility in each level of social security administration and declared: Making effort to meet the needs of human kind based on human nature is so worthy.

The Chairmen of the Expediency Discernment Council remarked: The activity of supplying certain living needs of people, especially the vulnerable group, is the major objective of establishing social security organizations throughout the world. Basic human needs to food, health, education, employment and house, are the most necessary demands, in the case of being supplied, the global society will benefit from desired results in its progressive process of sustainable development.

Being concerned about the report of the UN indicating the existence of one billion hungry people around the world, he said that, if social security was taken seriously, we wouldn’t observe  poverty  in the international level.

Regarding the nationality of participated delegates in the Technical Seminar on Administrative and Operational Efficiency in Tehran, as Indian, Nepalese, Korean, and Malaysian, he announced: We should create the culture of assisting all individuals in every manner as a decent work and all nations and governments should respect and develop this culture.

Reminding the audiences that UN previous reports emphasized global determination  on reducing the number of hungry people on the earth, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, asserted: Unfortunately, recent daily news indicate that so many people have to migrate or escape from their home countries to seek food and security while facing serious risks of being killed or drowned.

Referring to the slogan of one of the American presidential election candidates         - “I will evict the migrants” - he underlined that: “This non-human utterance is announced while all American authorities are aware of the point that the power and wealth of the United States are gained through exploiting the resources of migrants’ home countries and the civil development of that continent is due to the constructive efforts made by the migrants especially the Africans.

He also noticed the successful experience of Scandinavian countries on social security administration and declared: The ISSA is expected to plan the programs  and  project on meeting the basic human needs, especially in poor countries. Today, the aggressive young generation is aware of all news and events due to the development of mass media, and their experience of inequality and discrimination may result in acting as time bombs threatening global security.  In fact, the wrath of people against imperialists is the major factor of qualitative and quantitative growth of terrorism. Unless the root of extreme poverty is not eradicated,   the microbe of terrorism will disseminate all around the world like the victim nations of countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria and other African countries.

The Chairman of the Expediency Discernment Council of I.R. Iran, emphasizing the necessity of enhancing the executive authority of the ISSA, stated: You should introduce your plans and programs via mass media to the world population             to be informed about your activities, and you should warn all Governments to take effective measure to alleviate poverty as well. Social Security is a key factor of strengthening global safety. An unemployed hungry person has excuses for all he/she does, so if we want global security, the right path is to enhance social security to meet the necessary needs of people.

Mr. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, the ISSA Secretary General, explaining the  objectives of  his visit to Iran, remarked that, I travelled to I.R. Iran to participate in a Technical Seminar on “Administrative and Operational Efficiency:  ICT, Human Resources, Organizational Structure and Extension of Coverage” with the presence of social security experts from South and South-East Asia and I believe that Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) has done so much in social security.

The ISSA Secretary General, announcing his sense of gratification and satisfaction at the progressive performance of the ISSO, said: It is a great honor for the international social security authorities that Constitution of I.R. Iran contains important Articles on social security. We hope to perform decent measures to eradicate poverty by 2030. Accordingly, the agreement on “Sustainable Development Goals” have been signed by the ISSA member organizations, so that is the common duty of  all Governments to supply the demands of their population, and we are fully prepared to assist them in this regard.

Mr. Konkolewsky asserted that, the organizational structure of social security administrations throughout the world is different from each other.  Social security coverage extension in some Asian countries like Iran and China is satisfactorily inclusive. ISSA member organizations should assist and make efforts to mitigate poverty in countries like Iraq and Tajikistan.

Dr. Seyed Taghi Nourbakhsh, the Managing Director of the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) explained: ISSA which was founded in 1927 has 327 member organizations from 157 countries. The ISSO has been an ISSA member since 40 years ago due to the ratification of the National Council.

The Managing Director of the ISSO concluded: Developing the international communication of the ISSO leads to benefiting from global experiences of Social Security Institutions and more efficient and sustainable services of Social Security Funds. It is to mention that organizing ISSA regional technical seminar hosted by the ISSO is due to achieve  the  aforementioned  objectives.      

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