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Result of the ISSA Member Survey:  10 Global Challenges for Social Security

Result of the ISSA Member Survey: 10 Global Challenges for Social Security

Asia-Pacific Region, 2018

Social security professionals have identified the priority challenges for social security in Asia and the Pacific. According to the survey from ISSA member organizations in Asia-Pacific region on prioritization of challenges of social security institutions in the region in 2018 based on 10 global challenges introduced in WSSF in Panama - 2016, the ten challenges for social security in Asia and the Pacific, in priority order, presented in the ISSA report are:


1-Closing the coverage gap

2-Health and long-term care

3-The technological transition

4-Higher public expectations

5-Population ageing

6-Labor markets and the digital economy

7-Employment of young workers

8-Inequalities across the life course

9-New risks, shocks and extreme events

10-Protection of migrant workers


While thanking all of social security experts for taking the time to complete the survey that has produced this insight and other valuable data, Mr. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky - the ISSA Secretary General, declared: “Closing the coverage gap is ranked as the top challenge for member institutions in Asia and the Pacific, with health and long-term care ranked second. The third-ranked challenge is the technological transition, closely followed by higher public expectations.

These top-ranked priorities reflect the dynamic interaction between increased demand for social security coverage and quality services and the new opportunities in coverage extension and service delivery offered by rapid technological change.”

While the outlook for social security is a positive one, it is evident that to respond to current and future challenges requires the further development and sharing of innovations, good practices and solutions by social security institutions. To support these aims, the ISSA is your privileged platform and partner, he concluded.

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