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Appreciation of the ISSO Achievements towards Excellence in Social Security Administration
Appreciation of the ISSO Achievements towards Excellence in Social Security Administration

Mr. Reza Kashef - Director General of the ISSO International Affairs Department and Vice-President of ISSA Technical Commission on Investment of Social Security Funds, made a presentation on the ISSO work on and use of the ISSA guidelines moving towards Excellence in Social Security Administration during the Regional Social Security Forum for Asia and the Pacific, taken place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 2 to 4 October 2018.

During the plenary session, a brief report on 65-year-old history and evolution path of the ISSO was presented with the emphasis on the ISSO Vision, Mission, strategic goals, as well as introduction of the insurance benefits and medical services provided to the 42 million covered population of the organization.

He also remarked the ISSO determination on Excellency on the basis of implementing the ISSA Guidelines, considering the necessity of reforming some of the current inefficient procedures. According to the findings of a study and survey conducted by Good Governance Steering Committee of the ISSO, the ISSA Guidelines are prioritized to be implemented in the ISSO as following: 1- Good Governance, 2- Service Quality, 3- ICT, 4- Contribution Collection and Compliance, 5- Investment of Social Security Funds. It is of overriding importance that, the priorities are in conformity with the priorities of social security challenges in the region in 2018.     

The Vice-President of the ISSA Technical Commission on Investment of Social Security Funds added: On behalf of the Iranian Social Security Organization,                 I have the honor to declare that, 19 awarded Certificates of Merit and Attestations of Good Practice to the ISSO, are the best evidence on our commitment to promote good governance in leadership; improve  service quality and communication in client – centered administrative procedures to increase public trust and satisfaction; optimal use of ICT and automation to integrate e-services of social security; strengthen compliance and combat corruption and fraud; and enhance health care systems; which all together will contribute us to Excellence in social security administration, in line with the ISSA global policies and guidelines.

In recognition of the Iranian Social Security Organization (ISSO) effort to enhance the accessibility of the ISSA Centre for Excellence through the translation of the ISSA Guidelines into Farsi, Mr. Hans-Horst Konkolewsky - the ISSA Secretary General,  appreciated  the ISSO efforts to excellence. He invited the ISSA members to benchmark the ISSO action and translate the guidelines to other languages, enabling all nations to access the international professional standards of social security administration.

The ISSA Secretary General added that the translated guidelines in to Farsi will be available for Farsi speaking countries on the ISSA web-site.


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