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50,000 foreigners enjoying welfare services in Iran
50,000 foreigners enjoying welfare services in Iran
MNA – Iranian Social Security Organization’s general director for foreigners said on Monday that the organization has provided welfare services to foreigners working in Iran.

“The 5th article of the social security law stipulates that the foreigners with work permit should enjoy the same welfare services as the services provided for Iranians and this is an advanced law,” said Iranian Social Security Organization’s General Director for Foreigners, Ahmad Reza Khazaie, on Monday.

“All the foreigners who are working in Iran within the framework of laws and regulations are entitled to social security law as long as they have a payment-recipient relationship with their employers,” he added.

“The expatriates department of the Social Security Organization of Iran is tasked with two duties; one to cover foreigners working in Iran with both voluntary and compulsory services and two to provide insurance coverage for Iranian expatriates,” he added.

“The foreigners who are legally working in Iran and have the permit for employment, if they are insured in their own countries and their countries are members states of the ILO convention 19 (C019 – Equality of Treatment (Accident Compensation) Convention, 1925 (No. 19)), they will be charged with just 3% of the insurance fee and if they are not insured in their own countries, they will be charged with 27% of the insurance fee and they will enjoy all benefits of the social security coverage except unemployment insurance,” he recounted.

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