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Objectives and Missions
Objectives and Missions



Objectives and Missions


In order to have an effective, continuous and dynamic presence in the field of national and international Information and Communication Technology, moving towards electronic government, knowledge-based management, regulating and integrating the flow of information as well as making optimal use of modern technological capacities to establish a mutual interrelation with the addressees, the SSO's formal website has been planned and activated, considering the general activity framework of the SSO's formal database with the following objectives:


1.     Setting up mutual relationship with International Social Security Organizations and introducing the SSO through internet;

2.     Making use of the information technology to achieve the SSO's goals;

3.     Equipping the SSO with the latest technological developments and outcomes in the field of Information and Communication Technology;

4.     Adapting the communicative tools with current status of the country and the world;

5.     Creating new communicative methods for the addressees and observers of the SSO website within the shortest time and expending the minimal cost;

6.     Providing information in the field of the SSO services and activities along with implementing the goal of establishing an "Accountable Organization";

7.     Making the possibility of setting up relationship, creating the expansive net of the organization at the level of the headquarter, provinces and administrative offices as well as the affiliated companies and institutions in order to form the figurative constellation of the SSO;

8.     Providing the content of forming the figurative organizational branches besides preparing the organization for entering the world of Electronic Government and Electronic Trade.


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