Insurance Coverage


At present, the insured persons who are subjected to Social Security Law are placed in different insured classifications according to the current regulations and on this basis they should pay different contribution rates based on the defined levels.


 Subordinate Insured Persons

Family of the insured refers to a person or persons who enjoy the benefit of this law through the insured.


Father of the insured should be more than 60 and mother more than 55 years old or according to the Article 91 of this law be invalid with recognition of medical commission, as well as their living is earned by the insured and receive no pension.


The spouse
The husband of the female insured provided that his living is earned by his insured wife and if having more than 60 years old or according to Article 91 of this law is known as disabled.


The children of the insured should have one of the following conditions:

  • Sons less than 22 years old or studying or disabled totally according to the recognition of medical commission.
  • Daughters if not married or for the reason of illness or loss of limb according to the medical commission.

 Main Insured Persons

The main Insured

The main insured is a person who is individually subjected to Social Security Law and has the right to take advantage of defined benefits set forth in social security law by paying certain sums as the insurance contribution.


Compulsory Insurance (Insurance of the employees working at the workplaces owned by Social Security Law)

An insured is a person who works at a workplace under direction of the employer or his agent and receives wage or salary. Moreover, in order to extend the insurance coverage to whole groups of society, other groups are also covered by social security law on the base of special regulations which have been defined according to their conditions in a way that a number of these groups take the advantage of government's special support through relative associations and unions and the government has undertaken to pay a proportion of their contribution. These groups consist of:

The drivers who work inside and/or outside the city, servants of the mosques, deprived and needy peoples covered by the Employment and Self-dependency Deputy of Emam-Khomeini Emdad Committee, porter workers, administrators of self-employment and job-creation schemes covered by Bonyad Shahid, authors, reporters and artists.


Voluntary Insured

According to the note of article 8 of Social Security Law, those become excluded from the insured groups due to some reasons other than those set forth by the aforementioned law, can continue their insurance procedure voluntarily through a contract according to the relative regulations approved by the High Council of Social Security in the case of being not more than 55 years old and at least a record of 30 days contribution payment.


* Note:

- Applications may be accepted for those who are more than 55 years old in the case of having a record of contribution payment equal to the surplus years of 55.

- Applications may be accepted, with the record of at least 10 years of contribution payment, at any age/without the age limitation.


Self-employed Insured

People who have employed workers for performing a professional task or work individually relying on employment licence issued by legal authorities or an individual who is working according to the recognition of Social Security Organization and is not subjected to any special protective law can pay contribution to the organization through a contract in accordance with related regulations. This group of people are called self-employed insured. All self-employed persons can contract an agreement on self-employed insurance and paying defined contribution payment since 12th April 2008 on the basis of their own declaration and self-statement as well as completing the related application form and take the benefits of defined commitments including retirement, death and disability in terms of the optional rate.


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