The Iranian Social Security Organization as an intergenerational public non-governmental institution with a socio-economic nature is the major and most inclusive provider of social protection based on social insurance principles. The organization is administratively and financially autonomous and relies on tripartite principle of employee, employer and Government.

According to Islamic and Iranian pattern, the ISSO plays a vital role in protecting the labor force within the process of sustainable development of the country and also deepening social and financial security through implementing, extending and expanding various social and health insurances within the legal and actuarial frame.

Relying on human force as the most strategic advantage and benefiting from the latest scientific achievements and new technologies through dynamic and effective presence in labor market, the ISSO is

committed to transparency, accountability and timely delivery of legal commitment to the beneficiaries, and preserve resources and increase their value.




By 2025, The Iranian Social Security Organization will be a sustainable, dynamic, agile, and excellent accountable organization with intelligent processes for qualified and timely service provision to stakeholders.



Being plan-oriented, trustworthiness, human dignity, compliance and justice, professionalism, organizational solidarity, professional commitment, morality, prospection, continuous development.


Main Objectives

 Strategic Goals:

1.      To form and develop a social security dialogue at state and public levels

2.      To improve sustainable organizational resilience in financial and performance perspective

3.      To optimize interaction procedures and organizational systems based on civil discourse, continuous human resources development, and using the most applicable high technologies



Generic Strategy

Reforming the structures, developing the organizational capabilities and capacities, emphasizing on reassigning the role of the organization as a dynamic and proactive entity and boosting synergy between different sectors (pension health and investment)




Main Strategies

1.  Revision and reforming the structures and processes to qualitatively and quantitatively promote health and pension provision to all shareholders

2.  Reformulating processes and information system structures of the organization to achieve integrated and intelligent service provision systems

3.  Developing a new organizational approach to human capital to preserve occupational and human dignity and improve quality for working life of the staff.

4.  Developing socio-cultural discourse, focusing on theoretical and practical aspects of social insurance at a state and public levels

5. Improving financial sustainability and organizational efficiency and effectiveness through expenditure management and cost containment based on compliance and legislative functions

6. Developing revenue resources through improving efficiency in investment management to increase investment revenues share


7. Developing knowledge management system as a foundation of decision making process based on social insurance and social security principles


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